“Luua pulmafotosid, millest Sa ei osanud unistadagi”


Wedding Photographer, My Story & Our Team

Wedding Photographer Valdur Rosenvald Photo: Mait Jüriado

Wedding Photographer Valdur Rosenvald
Photo: Mait Jüriado

Hello! I’m Valdur, a wedding photographer and the founder of Rosenvald Photography. My passion is to create the wedding photos that you have never even dreamed of. Seriously, I do get quite excited about that.

Rosenvald Photography is based in Estonia, but I’ve been fortunate to travel the world and shoot weddings in USA, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, UK, Norway, Italy and even Latvia.

Recently, I was proud to have my wedding photo awarded with “Europe’s Best Wedding Photograph 2017” by Way Up North, which is the largest wedding photography conference in Europe. Also people in Estonia have chosen me as the “Wedding Photographer of the Year” in 2017, 2016, 2015 on Pulmad.ee. It’s cool to receive awards but for me it’s even more important to deliver photos that our couples could truly be proud of for a lifetime.

My Story


The Early Years

My passion for photography started already when I was fifteen and my cousin lent me a compact camera. I got really hooked. I knew I had to get my own camera, so I went to Finland to pick strawberries during summers and earn enough money. I could buy my first camera - a Canon Ixus 40.

At first I took photos of everything. Soon I realised that photography was more than a hobby to me... It became a part of my life! I just started seeing everything “through the lens” even when I didn't have my camera with me. 

My Journey

One day in 2007 my aunt gave me a call to go to photograph her wedding. Two weeks later I was the photographer in my sister’s wedding. The seeds had been planted.

During the first years I shot about five weddings every year besides other work and school. At some point I realised that weddings were the most inspiring for me. The stories of love, tears and laughter, the glory of two becoming one. It captivated me. So in 2013 I started my brand Rosenvald Photography and specialised only in wedding photography.


That was the time when business really started taking off. I found that many people liked my work and I booked 24 weddings the first year after creating the brand. While most weddings were in Estonia, I also started traveling for weddings and ended up in Belgium, USA, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia and UK. Over the years I have developed my own style - cinematic, romantic and full of life. 

I have been chosen as the Best Wedding Photographer in Estonia by the largest wedding oriented website Pulmad.ee three years in a row, in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Recently, I was proud to have my wedding photo awarded as “Europe’s Best Wedding Photograph 2017” by Way Up North, which is one of the most important wedding photography conferences in Europe. 


In 2011 a girl from Saaremaa came to study to my hometown Tartu. We met in church and became close friends. Over the years I found she was one of the most sincere, compassionate and beautiful people I had ever known. Fortunately, she thought I was also OK and we became a couple. 

Two years later I told her to pack things for a camping weekend. She thought we were going to camp in Estonia, but as a surprise I flew her to Norway. We climbed 604m to the top of a mountain called Preikestolen and I asked her to marry me. After a super-intense 6 seconds I got my “Yes”. I cried like a baby. We got married in August 2016 in Estonia in the countryside where my dad grew up. Every day I am thankful to God for the best gift - my wife Johanna.

Life now...

…is awesome! Together with our team we work hard to fulfil our mission for couples and deliver them photos that they have never even dreamed of. I photograph a limited number of weddings, mostly in Estonia and also around the world. If I’m not travelling for weddings, you can find me in Tartu, Estonia. Usually drinking coffee with my friends and thinking of how to become more productive in life. 

And after more than 200 weddings I still have a lot of love for my job. Much love. So if you are looking for a wedding photographer and my photos speak to you let’s get in touch and connect our stories.


Our Team

Great things are never done alone.

Valdur Rosenvald — Rosenvald Photography

Valdur Rosenvald

The founder and photographer of Rosenvald Photography. He is the one who comes to photograph your wedding, climbs trees or crawls in the mud to create photos that you have never even dreamed of. 

Valdur likes coffee pauses, being with his wife Johanna and getting things done. 


Valdur Rosenvald — Rosenvald Photography

Johanna Rosenvald

She photographs weddings as a second shooter and also makes sure that your wedding photos would look absolutely beautiful. She does the magic through post processing. A very important part of her job is to keep Valdur alive by giving him food when he’s not at weddings. 

Johanna likes to help people, make worship music and eat avocados.


Oliver Saupõld — Rosenvald Photography

Oliver Saupõld

As part of the post-processing team, together with Johanna and Maarja he uses Photoshop to give the final touch to your wedding photos. 

Oliver likes to edit wedding photos (of course), self-development and new challenges.


Laura Tiitus — Rosenvald Photography

Maarja Roosimaa

She helps to take care of our clients and partners. She has a great eye for details and a desire to relentlessly bring out the best in your wedding photos, which makes her a great fit as the third member of the post-processing team. 

Maarja likes to talk to people, take walks in the forest and create pieces of art and delicious cakes with her own hands.