Helin & Sven | Creative DIY Barn Wedding in Hiiumaa, Estonia


The wedding of Helin and Sven-Joonatan will not be forgotten easily. Together with friends they worked many days before to create a perfect summery, get-away, hipster wedding venue from an old barn in the middle of a small island in Estonia - Hiiumaa.

...hipster wedding venue from an old barn...

Photography: Valdur Rosenvald | Rosenvald Photography

Ceremony: Hagaste prayer house

Venue: Soonlepa Mansion barn (pretty much DIY in reality)

Videography: Karl-Markus Antson & CO

Pastor: Jakob Remmel

Hosts: Marlen Väli & Joona Sõsa

Make-Up: Anneli Tikerberg

Bride's Hair: Hanna Veermäe

Flowers: Rookopli lilleäri

Decorations: Lisete Lige

Bride's dress: Anna-Bella

Wedding rings: Sangla kullaäri

Music: Hanna Veermäe, Merlin Kontus,
Maario Pihlak, Josua Lige,
Christopher Kontus, Carlos Roos,
Johanna Veevo, Bok Eum Kim

We started with photography in the woods of Hiiumaa, in a small sand "desert" in the middle of forest and the sky was filled with amazingly fluffy clouds.

...amazingly fluffy clouds :o

Pastor Jakob Remmel conducted the ceremony in Hagaste prayer house. When Helin's father walked down the aisle, everybody started crying and it was clear that it will be an emotional and sincere wedding. People were crying and laughing at the same time.

It was an amazing celebration.

Helin and Sven-Joonatan promised to hold each other for the rest of their lives. After the ceremony the couple drove in a old Lada together with the crowd to the venue. There was food. There was dancing. It was an amazing celebration.

In the evening the sun colored the grain field to deep gold. The traditional Estonian bride robbery was happening and I was afraid that we couldn't use the amazing light for photos. Fortunately Sven-Joonatan got his bride back at the right time and we went to the field to capture the first beautiful sunset of their marriage. 

...the sun colored the grain field to deep gold.

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