Ave & Andreas | Emotional Countryside Wedding, Estonia


Andreas wrote me 2,5 years before his wedding to ask me to be their photographer. They had been waiting for the right time and planning their wedding many years ahead. When I met them I realized how much they were looking forward to get married. 

Andreas wrote me 2,5 years before his wedding...

The wedding is just the beginning, a time to promise to love each other for the rest of our lives. And to do everything in our power to make this love a reality.

And that was exactly what Ave and Andreas promised to each other in Otepää Palverändur's church. They cried and laughed because the most anticipated moment was finally here. 

Photography: Valdur Rosenvald | Rosenvald Photography

Videography: Kristofer Jallai & Andreas Preisfreund

Venue: Cantervilla tallisaal

Ceremony: Otepää Palveränduri church

Pastor: Gunnar Kotiesen

Bride's make-up: Anna Grace Saar

Bride's dress: Imbi Viires

Groom's suit: Zara

Flowers: Zarema

Rings: Krismer-AU Jewellery

Decorations: Kai Leppik

Wedding car: Sven Kuklane

Wedding cakes: Gustav Kondiiter

Catering: Cantervilla catering

Band: Lisette Kingsepp, Elis Jürgens, Taavi Kams, Mattias Einstein, Rainis Türkel

Wedding Song: Ardi & Regiina Viires

In the evening it seemed that the clouds are covering the sky and we won't see sun anymore. We decided to give it a try. 

We decided to give it a try.

And slowly but surely the clouds flew away and the evening sun shone on Andreas and Ave while they were riding the bicycle down the hill.

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