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What is your style? 

Our mission is to tell your story with images that you have never even dreamed of. To achieve that I have developed my style which is a blend of photojournalism and creative hands-on approach. During the ceremony and party I will mostly approach as a documentary photographer. I try not to be noticed while capturing your true moments and candid emotions as they are happening. But during the creative portraits session I can help you with poses and ideas so that your wedding photos will look the best!

I will climb trees, walk through the sea or lie in the mud to give you wedding photos that are cinematic, romantic and full of life. And most importantly, photos that reflect your authentic story, personalities and the love you have for each other.

What is your editing style? 

Our editing style is natural. We try hard not to over-process and to keep it clean and we like to keep the colours of your photos. We want to make sure your wedding photos would not go out of style but would look good in years to come.

Ok, you’re pretty good. You must be really expensive? What are your prices?

Where there's a will there's a way. Prices will vary depending on the time and location of your wedding. If your wedding takes place off-season (from October to April) or during the first part of the week (from Monday to Wednesday) significant discounts may apply. We can provide you information about wedding collections when you send us a message.

How can we hire you? 

Easy. Just contact us and let’s get the conversation started. To book your date you must sign the contract and pay the booking fee. Everything can be done online and after that you can be sure that I’ll be there with my cameras to capture one of the most important days in your life.

Our wedding is outside Estonia. Can you still come? 

Yes! I have shot weddings in quite many countries so I'm definitely ready to travel. Whether your wedding takes place in the heart of London or in a countryside in Austria, I can be there for you, available worldwide. Just send us a email for destination weddings.

Romantic Sunset Wedding photo by wedding photographer Valdur Rosenvald

Do you photograph only weddings?

We are specialized in weddings so that’s truly our main thing. We offer wedding collections that come with engagement sessions and we would be excited to shoot your elopement as well. At this point we do not offer family portraits, product photography and newborn photos.

Can we meet you before the big day?

Of course. I meet every couple either through Skype or in person, depending on what's best. 

Do you have backup gear? Are the photos backed up?

Yes and yes. We do everything to prevent technical problems and protect your images. So I always carry a backup camera and shoot with professional Canon cameras that use two memory cards simultaneously to prevent memory card failures. Also, your images will be backed on multiple devices and online right after the wedding.

When and how will we see our photographs? 

Together with our team we want to make sure that your wedding images would look amazing. So we will carefully edit and prepare each photo and they will be ready within ten weeks after the wedding. At that time, your password-protected online gallery will be first made available for you to see and after that to all your friends and family as well. You will receive a couple of teaser photos usually a day or two after your wedding. That will make waiting for all the other photos easier (or probably not, haha). Finally, we’ll ship you a flash drive with all the full-resolution photos.

How many images do we receive?

Our goal is to give you photos that you have never even dreamed of. To tell your story fully and beautifully. That’s why we believe it is better to receive a couple of hundred “WOOWWW!!!” photos than a couple of thousand average ones. However, there is no set limit, all photos that  come out well will be yours. Depending on the nature of you wedding you’ll get around 450 - 900 images.

Do you make wedding albums?

Yes. And they are beautiful. Using the best printing quality and materials we want to design you a wedding photo album that will keep your memories safe and alive. These books are meant to last not only for your lifetime but for your grandkids in the future to relive your wedding day. We can offer you more info after we have booked your wedding. 

Rainy Wedding photo by wedding photographer Valdur Rosenvald

Should we bring our pets (dogs, cats, hamsters, turtles, horses etc.) to our wedding?


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