Kristiina & Madis | Intimate Family Wedding, Estonia


Kristiina and Madis decided to get married in company with only their closest people. On a sunny June day their friends and family gathered in middle of the hills of Otepää, Estonia for an intimate wedding.

...with only their closest people.

Laura Põldvere sang as the Kristiina's father brought the bride to the groom. Dad could not hold back tears when trusting his daughter to Madis. Pastor Peep Saar, who was also a childhood friend of the groom, conducted the ceremony during which Madis and Kristiina promised to stay faithful for the rest of their lives. 


Photography: Valdur Rosenvald | Rosenvald Photography

Venue: Tammuri talu

Pastor: Peep Saar

Catering: Erki Saar | Tammuri talu

Bride's make-up: Anna Grace Saar

Bride's hair: Margit Aksiim

Wedding dress: Pärl pruudisalong

Groom's suit: Baltman

Rings: Olev Põld

Music at the ceremony: Laura Põldvere & Co

Parking instructors: Kersti & Rene Türk

Children were climbing and swinging, feeling truly free. People were enjoying special foods from Tammuri farm. The family was together. It was an intimate but fun night to celebrate the fresh marriage.

Children were climbing and swinging, feeling truly free.

In the evening we climbed on top of a hill and captured the warmth by photographing the final photos through a candle light. through a candle light. 

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