23 Jul 2014

And so they began dancing again...

The ceremony of Marika and Peep was held in St. John's church of Haapsalu and a great party was thrown in mansion of Noarootsi Saare. It was clear from the beginning that this couple is going enjoy their wedding day to the fullest. We had a photo session in the city of Haapsalu and many times the lovers just couldn't resist to begin dancing together. Marika and Peep did everything they usually like to do: they were swinging, orientating and riding children's carousel. On the way to the party we were stopped by Marika's training group and the wedding guests had to do an awesome dance battle.

At the time of sunset we drove to the beach. It was not a problem for the bride and the groom to throw aside their shoes and go in to the water to get some unforgettable photos.


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