29 May 2014

Ruth Maria's and Oliver's ceremony was held on the 10th of May in the winter garden of Estonia theatre and it was followed by a beautiful spring ball in the ballroom of Salme culture center.

Ruth Maria works in the Estonian parliament so we had a great oppurtunity to make photos in the parliament building. Perfectly romantic moments were happening when the groom was playing cello to the bride in the white hall or when in the Tower of Tall Hermann the wind was moving the Estonian flag and the bride's veil...
During the party Ruth Maria's little sister told the great secret. What makes a man a real man? The little girl thought it was three components that are needed: humour, a brain and the muscles.
Although I met Oliver and Ruth Maria just a couple of days before the wedding, in the end of the wedding it felt like we had known each other for a long time.


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