15 Sep 2016

"The feel of London... "

It's the feel of London. The red buses, extraordinary people, beautiful river Thames and Big Ben glowing softly in sunshine. I arrived a day early to capture this. Piret and Sean decided to get married in London, that is where they live for now. But Sean is from New-Zealand. He is really friendly and warm. Piret is cute, but she gets things done. She is from Estonia. And it's lovely to see them together, usually Piret organizing stuff, Sean making some jokes and then them laughing together.

The preparations took place in the center of London in a 5 star luxury hotel Corinthia. The couple got ready in a stylish suite and we took photos in the hotel and in the center of London. Then of course we had to take the classical black London cab to get to Notting Hill. In the golden ballroom Piret and Sean promised to love each other for the rest of their lives. Family members who had arrived from all over the world were in tears because of delight.

Then it was time to party. It was pretty wild as all the guests jumped on the dance floor and continued having fun until the midnight. It was a great day for everybody, but just the beginning of Piret and Sean's new adventures.


Photography: Valdur Rosenvald | Rosenvald Photography

Location of Preparations: Corinthia Hotel, London

Celebrant: Hannah Jones

Wedding Cheese tower: April Haven

Bride's make-up: Carla Brooks

Bride's hair: Tara Cox

Bride's dress: Anna Sorrano

The Rings: Fraser Hart

Flowers: Mary Jane Vaughan

Groom's suit: Ted Baker




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