16 Jul 2015

...it didn't matter if it was a maffia style group photo or "girls in a barrel" one...

Martin is fun, sharp and talkative. Liina is beautiful, gentle and modest. Together they make a perfect team. And so all the family and friends gathered in Sangaste castle to celebrate their marriage. Happy bridesmaids and groomsmen were ready to participate in all photos, so it didn't matter if it was a maffia style group photo or "girls in a barrel" one. Martin was also ready to climb into a field again and again to get some good yellow wedding photos. The friends of the bride and groom were fun and the party got started really fast. Dance moves were quite amazing and girls were spinning on the dancefloor a lot more than usual.

Sangaste castle was shining in the night when Martin and Liina together with their friends were celebrating their unforgettable day.


Photography: Valdur Rosenvald | Rosenvald Photography

Master of Ceremony: Kersti Kattai

Host: Tõnis Milling

Catering: Sangaste loss

Wedding Cake: Eneli Kohjus

Bride's hair: Ave Luur

Bride's make-up: Ele Lepp

Music: Jakko Maltis & bänd

Flowers: Rena Arikainen



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