"Yeeeess!!!! I just saw them!! I WOKE EVERYBODY UP, said yeaaaaahh, the photos are ready!!! We're watching!!! Watching and waaatching!!! I don't have enough words to describe how beautiful these are!!! Aaaaahh!! I better watch them again!!!! :)) But yes, we were choosing our photographer for so long time... And I'm soooo glad that we picked you!!!!! And we repeat again that the photos are SOOOOO beautiful!!!!!! We are so, sooo in love with them!!!


 - Ilona & Aleksei | Latvia, Valka, Sangaste Castle








"Valdur Rosenvald - unbelievable artist, friend and professional in one individual. He makes photo session easy, his ideas are flighty and sometimes even crazy in the best possibe way. He doesn't care about how many people are watching, what the weather is or what happens to his suit. He is ready for everything for a worthy photo. You can clearly see that this person loves what he does and the end result was much more than we hoped for. Quality is guaranteed! He is the man who you would like to have as a photographer on your wedding day. We trust, know and recommend him!"


- Marika and Peep | Estonia, Noarootsi Saare mansion, Haapsalu

Jaani church



"Valdur!!! We can not thank and praise you enough! You are the most unique and versatile photographer I have ever worked with. It was so awesome and exciting! It was fascinating to see how you work with such energy and passion! It was an honour to get to know you and work with you on our special day. We are so proud of our team!!! Very awesome people got together!"


- Maria and Raido | Estonia, Keila-Joa castle






"At first, WOWWWWW!!!! Soooo beautiful photos! It really exceeded my expectations! You have a really good eye! I was so weeping when I saw the photos. I can see that I'm not the only one but I would also recommend photographer Valdur Rosenvald. Firstly he is a really nice person. Young and enthusiastic. I believe that every crazy photo idea will get his approval. In addition to that he has a really good eye that helps creating stylish photos. I was weeping a lot when I saw our photos. I recommend STRONGLY! THE PHOTOS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!"


- Mikk and Tuuri | Estonia, Muhu island, Liiva church





"Our great day happened in July and our photographer was Valdur Rosenvald. Even meeting with him before the wedding was already nice. He was responsive to listen our story and practical about the details of the photo session during the wedding day. Teamwork with him was great, it was natural and relaxed. Valdur has a good eye, tons of creativity and in addition he is friendly and conscientious. We can firmly recommend photographer Valdur."


- Gea and Eyal | Estonia, Roosna-Alliku mansion






"I have to join with the previous commentators. Our family also recommends Valdur. He is a really cool guy and an amazing photographer. He had loads of ideas for the young and also the older people. And all those moments that he captured with his camera! They are filled with so much joy and love, pure emotions. We also got many eloquent photos of the children which was also very important for us. I believe that Valdur is one of the best photographers in people's photography."


- Helen and Jari | Estonia, Viitna pub, Vainupea church




"Our beautiful day was also captured by Valdur Rosenvald. He made everything very easy and pleasant. In the beginning we were afraid of posing but it was a needless fear because he directed us really well and even unnoticably. He had a lot of good and interesting ideas and he was ready for everything. He climed a tree and it wasn't a problem to lie on inside the sea to get the best photos of us! This young man is full of enthusiasm and has really good relational skills. He managed well with the group photos beacause he could make himself heard. Anyway we are really satisfied and I recommend boldly!"


- Karoliina and Indrek | Estonia, Koipsi island, Haapse village




"Our incredible day of me and my husband was photographed by mr. Rosenvald. I knew Valdur a bit less than a year before our wedding. Already the first impression I had of Valdur was supergood! He is gifted friendly lovely and full of life photographer. You can see in an instance that he loves his job and wants to do it as much as he can! If you are looking for a photographer but you are afraid that you don't have enough ideas then you don't need to worry because Valdur has a lot of good ideas of what, where and how to photograph! These ideas are great and wedding photoas are very beautiful! I recommend hotly and not just for the sake of it but because I know and you can trust me that he is a 100% good photographer. He has good communication skills and you will not get bored during his photosession. Super, no more words! I had a tear in my eye when I saw my wedding photos and I have never regretted hiring such a nice guy like Valdur Rosenvald!!!!!!!!"


- Katrin and Tavo | Estonia, Saaremaa, Pähklimäe vacation center, Kuressaare Siioni church



"We would like to thank photographer Valdur Rosenvald who captured our wedding day on the 6th of September 2014. He is a really friendly and full of crazy ideas young man. He offered diffent ideas all the time on how to make versatile photos. For a good shot he was even willing to lie down on a motorway or crawl into a bush. Valdur has a special ability to capture emotions on a wedding day. He sees moments that others can miss. If you see the photos later it looks like he had been in different places at the same time. He had decent photo equipment that enabled him to capture beautiful moments even in the night, complete darkness. So after the party we drove to the city center for a midnight photo session. Valdur captured our gentle moments in the silance and peace of the nigh while the city was already sleeping.... We recommend Valdur to everybody! Thank you so much for being a part and capturing our special day. Those photos keep reminding us our own fairy tale."


- Hanna-Emilia & Rait | Estonia, Ravila Karjakastell, Oleviste church




Valdur is a photographer with an excellent photographic sense and great skills whose youth doesn't mean that is is not as good as older photographers. On the contrary, for us it was a big plus because he brought youthful shine, energy and humor to our wedding also blending in perfectly to our wedding guests. We didn't have any modeling experience but we felt really free while working with him so he felt more like a old friend instead of hired professional. Valdur directed us really well during the portrait session and group photos so all the tension dissapeared. Valdur's photos do not only have good quality but they are also interesting, creative and fun - it all depends on the character of the bridegroom. We contacted through e-mail in the beginning and then met up about a month before the wedding. Valdur was interested in our hobbies, activities to get more ideas for the photos and gave us many different practical advices. On the wedding day Valdur spent the day with us from the morning till the evening capturing the whole beautiful day."


- Fredy-Edwin and Liisi | Estonia, Kõltsu mansion




"I would like to share an experience. In our wedding the photographer was Valdu Rosenvald. He is an active, very nice man from Tartu. He was recommended to us by our acquintance and his homepage filled with beautiful photos made an amazing impression. You can see that the photographer has done many photos and specializes in weddings. That makes him unique! On the wedding day he was a great communicator - he supported the bridal couple and he could speak to a larger crowd of people very well. With every group he was able to bring out the best of them during the group photos. He was very helpful and had creative ideas. He thoughts were always running - where to make a shot, where is the best light, what accessories we need and where to get those so that the photo would work out 150%. If the wedding photos were ready he sent a package with a sincere and suprising present. What was in the package? You will find our when you cooperate with him ;). We are were pleased and couldn't recommend anybody else. He is a man who sees so much beauty and love in his life so all of that just radiates out of him straight to his photos. Praise to Valdur and we are looking forward to a new year to work with him again!"


- Aare and Helena | Estonia, Ojako vacation center, Audru Püha Risti church




"I agree with previous comments  fully. For us Valdur was the one and only choice. Valdur agreed on doing a photosession that lasted for 9 hours. It started from the sunset and lasted until the early hours in the morning. We did photos in a sand quarry, town center, we jumped in the lake of Saadjärve. Valdur said that it was one of the most extreme photo essions that he has had. So dear engaged couples just test this gentelman and you don't have to be dissapointed. Valdur has enough of everything - crazyness, creativity, style and fun. Recommend..."


- Andre and Piia | Estonia, Eesti Üliõpilaste Seltsi maja, Jaani church






"I was reading the previous posts and it is very difficult to add something. Everything is 100% right and even more because it is hard to find enough good words for Valdur. Our incredible day was on the 5th of July 2014. A day full of love, laughter and sunshine. I would have never guessed that a photo session could be so much fun and greatly thanks to Valdur. His cool, fun style and creative ideas will even break the most reserved Estonian. So if you are modest and feel that photo session is not your thing at all give Valdur a chance. Believe and trust and in return you will get photos from where it is very difficult to choose the best ones because they are so good. But if you want something crazy, cool and different then you are totally turning him on. Valdur will be fired up with finding awesome locations and ideas and how to create especially powerul images. We are very satisfied with Valdur and recommend him strongly to anybody who wish to change their day even more special!"


- Grete and Madis | Estonia, Varbla vacation center, Audru Püha Risti church




„The first time we saw Valdur in action was in our friend's wedding. We decided that we need to have him as a photographer in our wedding. During the preparation he helped us to find the style we wanted and shared all kinds of wedding knowledge. Everything worked out on the wedding day. When it was time for group shots, Valdur's funny comments turned this routine part into something very fun and enjoyable. Usually I feel uncomfortable when I have to pose, but with his natural and relaxed approach the photographer took down all these barriers. He is really good at moving crowds and making them do anything that is necessary for the most memorable photograph. Certainly, he has more than enough of equipment, courage and creativity. I would also point out that Valdur doesn't eat much in a wedding because he is always out there looking for new perspectives. This very professional, yet such a personal approach is reflected in everything. And I would have never guessed that the DVD comes in such a cute package with bows.“


- Maria & Leevi | Estonia, Tallinn




„Valdur loves people and more than anything he enjoys his work that is why he can create photos which you want to see again and again to enjoy every special moment of that day. He is very natural at involving people and creating a fun and free atmosphere so that everyone would feel comfortable and want to be in the picture. At the same time he can capture emotions which later, when viewing the photograph, really makes the moments real. A very committed and talented photographer, we enjoyed every moment and now we can enjoy every photo of our wedding day!“


- Regina & Kaur | Estonia, Tallinn




Amazing photos, we were very happy with the preparation beforehand and Valdur's own ideas and suggestions, and of course with the result! A great combination of technical skill, creativity and good communication! Groom's father said: “I must compliment Valdur, he is really good at taking wonderful photos, I've never seen photos which have been done so well. Truly professional.” And a friend of the groom said, “Compliments to the photographer, the photos are like a well-done advertisement!”


- Marco & Hanna | Belgium, Brussels





 „Thank you, Valdur, for wonderful photos that can take us back again to this day with all the emotions we felt at that time. As it is said about love, we would say to you, "From the first time we met we knew that you should be our photographer." All your pictures we saw before the wedding were exactly like the ones that we wanted for our wedding. And working with you is very pleasant, relaxed and friendly. A little bit of fun, a lot of beauty and having a good time are the keywords for your wedding photos :-).“


- Evelin & Janek | Estonia, Vihula






 „Being photographed by Valdur is not an annoying activity of convulsive smiling, but a comfortable and enjoyable time when amazing art is born. Valdur can see the outcome even before he turns on the camera and he has a lot of ideas how to capture special moments. We are very thankful that our important day was photographed by Valdur. Beautiful photos! We recommend him!“


- Ave & Romm | Estonia, Mustvee







„We are very happy with the pictures! We really thought you are easy and a lot of fun to work with. You have great ideas and can capture the moment at it's best. You are also professional and active throughout the whole event. We know who to get in touch with if we need a photographer again!“


- David & Birgit | Eesti, Tallinn






„Valdur! Thank you for the photos that vividly remind us of one of the most important event of our lives! We enjoyed working with you very much because it was easy to be ourselves when we were with you. When we look at the photos now we see that there is a wonderful wedding emotion. The guests were marvelling how much you enjoyed working and how easy it was for you to guide them during the group photos. They also wanted to thank you for capturing the strong inner radiance of the bridal couple, the emotions of the wedding guests and their relationships. Thank you for helping us to create memories!“



- Maarja & Varun | Eesti, Tartu






"We got amazing photos from our wedding day. Valdur did his job with care he used every opportunity during the party to get good images of us. When we look at the photos it seems he made them everywhere. He is full of ideas, thorough, well-disposed and he never compromises in quality. Let his supercool photos do the talking. RECOMMENDED! :)"


- Kätlin & Jarno | Estonia, Sagadi







"Valdur is an excellent photographer. He considered our wishes, but also added his own great ideas. His photos are beautiful, eloquent while telling the story of one of our most fabulous days of life. We are extremely satisfied and thankful."


- Eele & Janek | Estonia, Tartu







 “If you want memorable, well-done and original photos, we can really recommend Valdur to every wedding! Valdur has a gift and he can use it! He is ready to literally crawl on the ground to get a good photograph of the bride :) and who wouldn't like to have that? :) Thank you, Valdur!"


- Eliisabet & Mihkel | Estonia, Roosna-Alliku








 „It was a great pleasure working with you! The timing and procedures before the shooting were perfect! The results are great and we happily recommend Valdur to anyone who wants a stressless photo shoot and great results in one package!"


- Anastasia & Yuriy | Germany, Mannheim






„We are very satisfied with the process of photo sessions and the photos. Your open attitude, bold enthusiasm and directions made it a very pleasant experience. We can definitely recommend you to others and we got the same feedback from our guests as well. We are very happy that we can look back to our wedding day through these marvellous portraits and well-captured party photos.“


- Berit & Reiner | Estonia, Keila








"Valdur can capture genuine joy. When photographing with Valdur, there is freedom in the atmosphere, out of which original and beautiful images are born."


- Kertu & Rasmus | Estonia, Tartu








 "We were very satisfied with the photos and I liked the photographers initiative to choose locations and the way of capturing images. The photo session was pleasant, it didn't take too much time and was not tiring!"


- Eva & Josh | Estonia, Haapsalu








"We were very pleased with Valdur's work! He is very friendly, bold and energetic, and all the important moments were captured. He had really good and interesting ideas while we were having a creative portrait session and photos turned out super-beautiful!"


 - Jaanika & Priidik | Estonia, Tallinn








 "The atmosphere was relaxed, there were no troubles and we felt good. You directed us well and the session went quickly. The photos are super-nice, thought-out and have captured beautiful moments we truly like. We are satisfied editing and quality is good! Also we are pleased with you as a partner because you are active and friendly, you feel free and that is very great!"


 - Silvia & Marius | Estonia, Tallinn






 "A very convenient and flexible photographer he considered our thoughts, but also suggested many new and different ideas. This resulted in more bold and unique photos. The quality and photo editing were really good and we received the pictures fast."


 - Kata & Jonatan | Estonia, Pärnu









"Freaking awesome and beautiful photos! You have found some very interesting angles. Flying creativity and excellence!"


 - Anna-Liisa & Holger | Estonia, Alatskivi

















"I have discovered that your wedding photos are like good wine: they get even better in time."


 - Maria & Ben | Estonia, Mõdriku




















 "An artist! Creative, brilliant and tireless! He works from his whole heart and the final result is worth it!"


 - Inna & Igor | Estonia, Tartu




















"Valdur has totally ingenious and awesome ideas and he puts his heart into wedding photography, and of course it is all seen in the photos."


- Mai & Jaak | Estonia, Tallinn








"Valdur photographed our wedding and did an amazing job. It is easy to cooperate with him because he is an open and joyful person. He is not passive, but he thinks and acts quickly. Morover, Valdur has a good imagination and he can bring out the couple's personality. The wedding photos were superb!"


 - Kai & Toomas | Estonia, Puurmani









 „Very joyful, witty, talented photographer with a good style. We can recommend him to anyone who are looking for a good photographer for their wedding day.“


- Kerli & Oliver | Estonia, Tartu









"Thank you, Valdur! The photos are great!!! My wife and I can fully recommend Valdur as a very good photographer. He is creative, fun, easy to work with and effective. He takes high-quality pictures and captures the beauty of people and nature in a wonderful setting."


 - Andreas & Zinhle Elkjaer | Sweden, Uppsala








"Valdur puts his heart into everything he does. He shares the feelings with the bride and groom and rejoices with them. If an idea comes, nothing stops him. It is not a problem to lay on the ground with a suit or change the furniture layout in the apartment. I will always remember vividly how Valdur moved the furniture in the apartment of my make-up artist to get the photos he needed. I will also do not forget how Valdur wanted a cool picture of the rings with the fish in the aquarium. He was very patient until the fish made it to the right position."


- Mai ja Maarius | Estonia, Tartu






"It doesn't get boring with Valdur. Besides being a great communicator and making the guests laugh a lot he also never falls short of original ideas. I have never seen a photographer who would work so much for one single image. In our wedding, you could see him lying in the street and climbing high up a tree! In all that he can bring out the natural expressions and genuine emotions. Ingenious. Valdur is precise and knows his job. Organizational questions were solved automatically and we got our DVD with hundreds of awesome edited photos in a cool package at the time we had agreed on. Thank you!"


 - Mirjam ja Madis | Estonia, Valgejõe





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