21 Aug 2014

Eyal is a Jew and Gea is an Estonian.

Gea has been to Israel many times but the land enchanted her already during the first trip. Her friends didn't understand why she was so enthusiastic about Israel. But it was good that she was. During another trip she met a young Jewish man and after that Gea had even better reasons to study Hebrew and visit Israel. The flags of Israel and Estonia were waving and they got married in the Mansion of Roosna-Alliku.

Eyal is Jew and Gea is an Estonian. It is natural that
Eyal who is from the South is emotional and joyful and it is well seen to everybody. But our Estonian girl Gea is not Estonian at all in the sense of Estonians usually being calm, cold and serious. Together they are extremely happy, full of life and totally in love.




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